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Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”  

For some people this phrase is associated with the classic dramatic statement that introduced a long running television soap opera. Gary Allen, in a post on Quora, explains the phrase's meaning this way: 'The poetic line suggests that our lives flow away swiftly and inexorably just as the sand grains in an hourglass did in the pre-modern days when the hourglass was used to calculate the passage of time."

Yes, once I was young and now I am older. And, Lord willing, I will get older still. But even the sand of an hourglass, once it has flowed through that narrow neck, does not disappear. You flip the glass and the sand flows once again. Time passes, but the sand remains serving its function regardless of the time that has passed. That is Divine Design.

Sand is remarkably flexible. While its nature remains the same, sand adapts to whatever form it must take, to whatever forces come to bear on it. It can be shaped. Sand can be irritating. It can be soothing. It is useful. It is often decorative. It works. It rests. It reinvents itself while remaining intrinsically the same.

Such is  life—ever changing, yet not changing much at all.  But there is that which never changes—ever. That is what this site is all about.


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