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Lynda Schultz


The sands of time are running. But the grains that pass through from the top of the hourglass to the bottom only represent one aspect of life. When that aspect has passed, the glass will be flipped and a new aspect will begin. For those of us who have deposited our trust in Christ and in the promises of His Word, the sand will never run out. We will simply move from one aspect of life to another. That is why there is no fear of the future for people of faith.

Would I live life over again in some different way if I could? Certainly there are things I might like to go back and change but, no, I like it where I am. I am "re-wiring" — a better word than "retiring" because I'm not removing myself from life but embracing new aspects of it. I grew up in a mining town in Northeastern Ontario in Canada. I've lived in Timmins, Toronto and Peterborough. Currently I live in the beautiful Royal City of Guelph, Ontario. I've also lived and worked overseas for more than twenty years, first of all in Medellín, Colombia and later in Caracas, Venezuela. I've been a Director of Christian Education, a missionary, part of a church planting team, a teacher, a curriculum designer, an author, an editor, a volunteer, a cook.  I am slave to two cats. These are the sands in my hourglass. But the sand is still running. Now, in 2023 I am co-chair of the  Global Missions Team at my church, member of the Women's Ministry Team, prayer promoter, and teacher of an adult Bible Study group that has grown to between 30 and 40 members, Archives co-ordinator at the National Office of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada, coach for serving missionaries, blogger and freelance writer.—this is re-wirement!

I've dabbled with writing since I was 12 years old, and over the years I've had numerous opportunities to hone those skills. And I suppose a website is just another way of practicing the art and strengthening the science. You'll discover more of that aspect as you move through the site.

But there is more to this. My "grains of sand" shift and take on new forms, but they never stray far from the one central shore. I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. Who I am, what I have done, and what I continue to do revolve around Him.  That is what you will find on these pages.

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