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Deborah: prophetess, judge, and leader of her people. God empowered and respected by even the men in a man's world.


Leave your people for a country and society that considered you an enemy? Expose yourself to those who could reject you for where you came from? Who does that? Only a woman empowered by God to take a risk others would not assume. That was Ruth.


God was empowering women before it was "politically correct" to do so, and despite any efforts to prevent that empowerment. For Hannah, the power came through prayer.


God empowered Mary to embrace a situation that could have resulted in her death, and certainly opened up her life to ridicule and misunderstanding.

Phillip's Daughters

Deborah and Huldah were two Old Testament prophetesses. But in the event we might think that women were forbidden to speak for the Lord after the cross, Philip's daughters are example of how God empowered women in the New Testament and how He empowers them today.

maple leaves

Selena's first fall leaves from Sandy Beach.

Lake Huron

Near Kincardine, Ontario.

Always studious

From a long-ago visit to Japan.

Bella Louise

Marilyn's cat—young and busy.

Patricia Lake

Jasper, Alberta.


Any old sheet will do!


The baby shark got a little too close to shore.

Lou Lou and Abby

My Venezuelan cats admiring the view of Caracas.

Venezuela -179
Kisses from Shep

The Colombian dog of long ago with yours truly.

Gillies Lake

Timmins, Ontario

Rural Venezuela

Wayne and I—see, orchids do grow on trees!

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