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Lebanon Gallery

Lebanese Flag over ruins at Byblos

The Lebanese Flag over the ruins of the ancient city of Byblos.

Skyline outside my window

Lebanon is all mountain, so, except for a small strip at the edge of Mediterranean, everything goes up and around and around!

Street Entrance to Cedar Home

It's hard to see around the thousands of corners as the streets wind through the city of Beirut. Mirrors are a good plan—this one on the street outside of the entrance to Cedar Home.

Gate to Cedar Home

The gate to Cedar Home is never closed—a testament to the lack of crime in the city—a surprise considering Lebanon's history.

Signs for Cedar Home

Cedar Home shares its spot on the hillside with a church and a now defunct seminary.

Pots at Cedar Home

On the way up the hill to Cedar Home.

Defunct Seminary in front of Cedar Home.

This is the building in front of Cedar Home. Church is still held here though the Seminary no longer functions.

Cedar Home

The Cedar Home building.

Sunday lunch with the girls

The main dinner area/activity room just inside the entrance to Cedar Home. We had Sunday lunch with the girls the day after we arrived.

Girls' apartment kitchen

Each floor has apartments. Two of the larger apartments are the girls' quarters and are spacious and comfortable.

Girls' Bedroom

One of the bedrooms in the girls' quarters.

Girls' Quarters 2

The second of the two apartments for the girls.

Girls' Quarters 1

Part of living room area in girl's quarters. The older girls stay in one apartment, the younger in the second.

Coco and Sara Housemoms

Housemothers, Sara and Coco.

Banner outside Girls' apartments

Very interesting banner on the wall outside the girls' apartments.

Kitchen Cedar Home

Kitchen at Cedar Home where the girls' main meals are prepared.

Lucas and Salma

The cook, Salma, with Leah and Shannon and Lucas, a baby who had been abandoned at birth outside the doors of Cedar Home. He is soon to be adopted by a family in Florida.

Gym_Rec_Activity Room to be

This area will be converted into an activity centre/qym once money is available.

Clothing supplies

It is easy (and cheap) to get clothing for the girls within Lebanon.

Unfinished apartments at Cedar Home 2

The second to top floor of the complex is under construction—one bedroom apartments for guests.

Unfinished apartments at Cedar Home

Another view of the unfinished apartments. The first floor is administration and meeting room, the second is the girls' apartments, the third, group guest apartments (and maybe as more girls are added, girls' apartments), the fourth quarters for Karim and Rita and a guest apartment, the fifth, one-bedroom apartments under construction, the sixth, a terraza and meeting room,

Unfinished Terraza at Girtls' Home

The terraza under construction.

Basketball/Tennis Court

The grounds need a lot of work. This is the basketball/tennis court.

going up to basketball court

Basketball/Tennis Court area. This will all be cleaned up and groomed and beautified as money comes available.

Homes behind Cedar Home

Apartment buildings behind Cedar Home—if there is a square inch of room, someone will build a building to fit there. Many illegal buildings constructed in unsafe areas.

Construction behind Cedar Home

Construction immediately behind the basketball/tennis court prevents the girls from using the area for now.

Homework with the girls 2

We helped the girls with their homework. Here Chris is working on math.

Homework with the girls

English and science were also on the agenda.

Homework with girls

Leah works on English as did I. The girls have massive amounts of homework to do every day.

Crochet lessons

Leah teaches Hiba (and Alicia) how to crochet.

Shannon 3

A better shot of crochet in progress. Hiba told Leah her story—one of the many sad ones.

Hiba 1

Hiba was so excited to get a hat made by Leah complete with pompom!

Roman cobblestones leading to Girls' sch

This is the street leading to the girls' school—cobblestone streets and houses dating back to Roman times.

Front of Boys' Home

This used to be the girls' home before the war forced it to move to Beirut. Now the plan is to turn it into a boys' home.

Remnants of the war

You can still see the bullet holes.

Bullet Holes in Boys' Home

The structure is sound but the reminder of fifteen years of war remains.

Inside Boys' Home

A lot of clean-up is needed.

Boys' Home Bathroom

One of the bathrooms at the boys' home location.

Boys Home livingroom

Living room area at boys' home.

Boys' Home

One of the bedrooms in the boys' home. The Scouts often use the house, even though most of it was trashed and gutted during the war.

Karim explains

Karims tells part of the team the plan for the boys' home. A top floor has already been partially finished but lots of work to yet to done.

Unfinished top floor of Boys Home

Yet to be finished at the boys' home.

Workshop-to-be Boys' Home

This will be one of the rooms set up as a workshop where the boys will be taught carpentry, plumbing, electrical work. skills that will get them off the streets and into the trades where they can make a living and provide for themselves.

Ruins of ancient Byblos 2

Not everything was investigative, though everything was informative. We visited the ruins of the ancient city of Byblos while in Lebanon.

Fisherman at Byblos

Byblos is on the Mediterranean and still serves a fishing hub.

Mediterranean Sea 1

The sea, the sea, the beautiful sea!

Mediterranean Sea 2

It was a picture perfect day for a trip to the Mediterranean.

Ruins of ancient Byblos 3

Entrance to the fortress at Byblos.

Ruins of ancient Byblos 1

Still ruins being excavated.

Ruins of ancient Byblos 7


Chris tries out an ancient tomb for size

Chris tries on a sarcophagus on for size.

Looking over the Mediterranean

Shannon looks out to sea at Byblos.

Lunch in Byblos 2

An absolutely wonderful lunch at Byblos.

Lunch in Byblos 1

Lunch. Onions, peppers, eggplant, potatoes and three varieties of meat, plus salad and hummus etc. The salad had purslane in it—first time I've had that and it was wonderful. I will look for seeds for my garden for this Spring.

Ancient ruins in the middle of Beirut

The city of Beirut is built on top of ancient ruins, some of which are being excavated. But space in this tiny country is at a premium and not everyone cares about the ruins.

Greek Orthodox Church Beirut

We were not allowed to take pictures inside this Greek Orthodox church in downtown Beirut. They completely restored it after the war, but left a few bulletin holes as a reminder.

Mosque 2

At present Muslims and Christians peacefully co-exist. Beside this mosque in central Beirut a Maronite (Christian) church stands. Once the mosque was built the church built a higher tower so that its cross was above the towers on the mosque!

Resuurection Church Worship Team

We attended the Resurrection Church in Beirut. They have every piece of modernity possible. Also three congregations: Syrian, Lebanese and Iragi.

Garden of Maronite Monastery

A quiet place on the top of a hill for those who which to meditate and home for a cloistered order of Maronite monks.

Maronite Monastery

Love this tree at the monastery.

The Cedars of Lebanon 1

The real Cedars of Lebanon are few now...the forests from which Hiram cut trees for Solomon's temple during Biblical times.

The Cedars of Lebanon 2

Snow in Lebanon near the Cedar forest called, aptly, "The Cedars of God."

Shannon 1

The last night the team and all the girls gathered. I got to tell one of my Bible stories to them.

Last Night 1

Rita, Karim's wife, is the one who keeps Cedar Home running smoothly—a remarkable woman of faith.

Last Night 2

The girls were so excited about the gifts they were given that keeping still while I took photos was practically impossible!

Shannon 2

Most of us on that last night in Lebanon.

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