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Different, but the Same

The eyes of the world are on England these days. The passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has flooded social media, news outlets, and the thoughts and hearts of millions of people for whom she was the only Queen they had ever known. I am one of those.

But events of recent days have turned my mind in a slightly different direction. A couple of weeks ago a young woman from my church, Casey Peppard, passed away. Casey was a vibrant Christian in the prime of her life. Just a day or so before the Queen passed away, Jaime Cardona, a humble godly pastor who had ministered in Medellín, Colombia for more than 50 years and was someone I admired greatly, also passed into the presence of the Lord.

I got to thinking about these three people—all believers, all as diverse a group as one could possibly imagine: a Canadian woman, a Colombian pastor, and an English queen. They were all people of faith.

I wonder what stories they will share in their heavenly dwelling? Each one played a distinct role in their respective environments. They moved in totally different social circles. They came from completely different backgrounds, and they took different journeys to the cross.

But in heaven none of that makes any difference at all. Someone once said that at the foot of the cross the ground is level. And so it is. Just as that is true on earth, so it is true in heaven. Casey, Jaime and Elizabeth are equal before the throne of Jesus. However different their stories were on earth, their stories in heaven will have a common theme: the grace of God to undeserving sinners.

And that is the most important conversation.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

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