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The Clutch

The beginning …

Drusilla: “Hello? Anyone there?”

Dabney: “Who’s that?”

Drusilla: “Me.”

Dabney: “Who’s you?”

Drusilla: “Beside you.”

Dabney: “Which side?”

Drusilla: “I don’t know.”

Doris: “You’re there. I’m here. He’s over that way. At least, I think so. Maybe. Well, I really don’t know either.”

Dickie: “I can’t see.”

Darla: “It’s a little cramped.”

Dudley: “Dark, too.”

Dorothy: “Dark as opposed to …?”

Dougie: “Dunno.”

Davey: “What happens next?”

Dolly: “What makes you think something’s supposed to happen?”

Davey: “Dunno.”

Dougie: “That’s my line.”

Davey: “What? You got it copyrighted?”

Dorothy: “What’s copyrighted?”

Dougie: “Du…”

All: “DON’T SAY IT!”

Dillman: “I have a suggestion.”

Dudley: “That being…?”

Dillman: “PRISON BREAK.”

Denise: “I…I don’t know. I kinda like it here. It’s quiet, and safe.”

Dorothy: “I think we’re supposed to come out.”

Denise: “Why?”

Dillman: “And if you say ‘I don’t know,’ I’ll …”

Dorothy: “You’ll what?”

Dillman: “Huh, I don’t know.”

All: “Aaaargh!”

Dorothy: “I think it’s a seasonal thing. It’s all about timing.”

Darla: “Anything that’ll give me room to move would be appreciated. I have the urge to merge.”


Darla: “Hey, guys. I’ve got good news and bad news.”

Davey: “What’s the good news?”

Dillman: “Wait. Maybe we should have the bad news first. Something to cheer us up after we get depressed.”

Dudley: “Who made you head…whatever? If she wants to tell us the good news first, that’s for her to decide.”

Dorothy: “Be quiet and let her speak. Go ahead, dear.”

Darla: “Well, it’s just that I think we are supposed to do something and …

Dougie: “Someone already said that.”

Dabney, Dickie, and Dolly: “Hush! Let her finish.”

Darla: “…and I think I’m starting to do it.”

Drusilla: “Cool. What exactly are you doing?”

Darla: “That’s the bad news. I seem to be coming apart at the seams.”

Dougie: “Seams? Is that like…oops.”

Dolly: “Oops? What an ‘oops’?”

Dougie: “Well, I just stuck my foot through one of those seams.”

Drusilla: “Your seam, or hers?”

Darla: “Wasn’t mine.”

Dadney: “Hey, I got one too.”

Davey: “One seam, or two? Which is it?”

Dabney: “No, silly. I have one seam also.”

Davey: “Well, you should have said so.”

Denise: “I knew I wasn’t going to like this.”

Dougie: “Hey, I think I know the answer to that question now.”

Drusilla: “Which one?”

Dougie: “The one about dark as opposed to …”

Dorothy: “That was mine. Enlighten us, Maestro.”

Dougie: “Light. Light is the opposite of dark and I can see it through my seam.”

Dudley: “What? Does that mean you are light on your feet?”

Dickie: “Huh?”

Dudley: “Well he did just stick his foot through a seam, didn’t he?”

Dougie: “No, no, this seam is right where my eye is.”

Darla: “I got one! I got one!”

Dorothy: “So what can you see? What’s light like?”

Dougie: “I see…oof.”

Dolly: “Oof? What’s an ‘oof’?”

Dougie: “The light turned dark just after it hit me.”

Darla: “Sorry, I think that was my other foot coming out through a seam.”

Doris: “I think we need to fast-track here.”

Dillman: “Meaning?”

Doris: “Meaning, if we use our heads we might be able to get more seams to open more quickly.”

Dudley: “I hardly think this is the time for a three day summit.”

Doris: “Not that part of the head. I mean that sharp thingy just below your eye. Bash it up against the seam.”

Dudley: “The beak?”

Doris: “Yes, and if you shut it, you’ll get more done.”

Dabney: “Not much room to maneuver.”

Denise: “Keep track of the pieces that belong to me in case I don’t like it out there and want to come back in.”

Drusilla: “I don’t think there’s a season for coming in, only for going out.”

Denise: “Bummer.”

At last…

Dolly: “Phew, that was hard work.”

Davey: “Quack.”

Drusilla: “What was that?”

Davey: “Verbalization skills. Mom says we have to learn how to communicate with the locals.”

Dolly: “Oh.”

Dudley: “Mom’s cool. She’s going to teach us how to swim.”

Dabney: “What’s that?”

Dudley: “Don’t know, but it sounds like fun.”

Dorothy: “I think I like this seasonal stuff. Mom calls it ‘Spring’. Even Denise is happy she’s out.”

Dillman: “Spring, sprang, sprung.”

Doris: “Huh?”

Dillman: “Verbs. Spring, the season, perfectly demonstrates the meaning the verb which it copies.”

Dougie: “Which is?”

Dillman: “Liberty”

Darla: “Quack.”

Dorothy: “Nice pronunciation.”

Darla: “Thank you.”

Davey: “Mom says it’s time to swim.”

Denise: “Cool.”

Davey: “Single file, please.”

Dolly: “Me first.”

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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